• kbarwood 10w

    I wish I was enough for you.
    Enough- the way the moon is enough
    to light up even the darkest of nights.
    Despite the many craters which mar her surface
    from previous encounters,
    she does not wonder or doubt
    the sky’s desire for her or
    the earth’s need for her.
    She simply glows, giving all she has,
    bringing beauty to the night sky,
    bestowing light upon the earth.
    Alas, I am not the moon-
    I am only me.
    If only my hands were enough
    to hold, intertwined with yours, into forever
    instead of just a moment into a memory.
    If only my eyes were enough
    to hold your gaze long enough for you
    to see yourself through these windows of my heart.
    I wish my love was enough
    to ignite your own fidelity and love for me,
    to awaken enough desire in you
    to choose me.
    Perhaps it is a pitiful wish,
    yet it is my wish, nonetheless.
    It is enough to keep me tethered to you,
    enough to keep me wishing I was enough for you.