• tackett 5w

    Searching for my Love

    At each night fall i yearn for another adventurous night with You.
    Out of Three Seeds We are made,
    One was Split and devided amongst Us matching two.
    As the night rises, i hear Your Wild' and Venomous' cries.
    This tiny little spec of heaven lights up Our night Skys,.
    Every Creature that crawls,
    To All of them that Fly.
    Are transitioning nocturnally,
    To be by Our side.
    Our flight be in morning,
    An ever evolving ride.
    Where Our Paths are only complimentary,
    An they never collide.
    Eternally at One anothers side.
    As night fades fast to sleep
    And the Sun begins to rise.
    Entirely All aspects' of color and life,
    By You it provides'.
    You are All of my Everything
    My Divinely Inspired Bride.
    Since We parted ways it was only Your aspects in Life in which i Eyed.
    I've Searched the Vastness' of the Cosmos'
    With Our Creator Only as My Guide.
    In All aspects' of life I've found You
    In recipients whom only had more to hide
    I Will continue to search Far'
    i Will continue to search Wide'
    Until I'm in Empty Darkness and i begin to sigh
    Taking a seat in this Vastness'
    I begin looking forward to Magnificents' to Ours and' Godss' New Genesis.
    Developed by Our Design.
    Not only by Fits' and Fables'
    But by The Entire Process' of Our Lives' Minds'
    All in which is Inspired by U and i...