• thoughtsofanobody 5w

    Days? Nights?

    Our days are so long they run into night

    Every single day gives you a chance to be better but how do you convince yourself to put in some effort

    When your living your days
    Days at a time

    I belive that is our main issue in the world today

    We lost sight of what truly matters we are wasting our time for nothing but sadness

    All we worry about is our next fix
    We put aside what really matters

    This game we keep playing is very serious
    You see
    Why cant we stop playing its a mystery to me

    The only option is to lose so why do we continue to play you cant win at a game that wasnt meant to be played

    The options are few
    You never win, only lose
    You can chose to quit or keep playing
    That choice is on you.

    Is it worth losing everything
    Your house and your cars your family
    The game will take it all dont think you can mistake it

    Your end result of this game is an eternity with satan