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    The odds

    Meanwhile in the town a lady came into the police station and just started to call out for the deputy amd asking find her daughter. The officer came and told her to relax and to dedcribe what happened to her daughter. She described that she has been missing for more than 3 weeks. The officer asked her that she is reporting this now. She explained that all this time she thought that her daughter was with her father so she didn't ecpected the missing, but when she called her father today to ask him when is she coming back he told her that she was not there and not been there for months.

    The officer asked her about the last time she saw her and the lady replied, "morning of March 8 when she went for school."

    The officers asked her if she had any specifics regarding her identity and they also told her about the body they found in the mines. She told them that she had silver filling in one of her tooth. Now officers knew whose body didi they found in the mines.
    They filed the report of that lady without telling more to her about the body.

    What they wanted know now was who is this brutal person who killed a school girl like this.