• delling 6w

    from the filth, from the earth, worldly transgressions, the secession of a meet positions, he who blots, gods, enmity and strife, a new life, a wine vat hewed out, a yield of fruit, bloodshed, outcry, the call of the shrewd, praise misconstrued, the dead disinterred, the remedy, the ruling enemy, painful lessons, the "growling sea", darkness, distress, withered leaves, sunsets viewed, smeared hues, sullied partings, heat raised, burning waves, swallow me, the bread of the meat, the lance, destiny, the red egg, the tomb, raised from the walls of the womb, harrowing ad infernos, the chosen, descensus, lessen us, digress, tie the way, loupe lupe, expel from The Rock, no letter, no spirit, no law

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    Rise & Fall