• violet_inksmudge 6w

    The ruins.

    In the rusty alleys of the very old town, belongs the hopes of treasure. In the promised land, travellers take ephemeral abode, exploring.

    Are they sincere?

    The souvenirs they take to keep on their shelves along with hundreds others, while they leave the town, that’s the unparalleled treasure the town beholds amidst its ruins. Every time that a passerby stops, the town welcomes it. It’s a whimsical magic that resides there that enlivens the passerby through a sense of belonging that is quick to seep in.

    Maybe they could stay here forever?

    Eventually they exhaust themselves out in their attempts to explore too much within the confines of time driving them to their boiling points. The frustration breaks on the town, whether it deserves it or not.

    Maybe they would come back?

    With another fresh little seed of a wanderlust, they move on to invade another town.

    But the ruins that are always protected shall not repair for they’re home to the ghost of legacies of the past. The broken, rugged wall boundaries are valiance, in defence against the destroyer that came to devour all, serving as the archway to yet another passerby.