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    "My dear ocean,

    as I sit down in front of you,
    the waves of memory start to run towards me,
    one after the other.
    Every wave of them wants to catch me,
    wants to pull me into the depth of my past.
    But then I see how calmly your blue holds everything of my yesteryears,
    as if they are divine treasures.
    Perhaps they are all majestic things,
    perhaps I shouldn't have to runaway from them,
    perhaps I shouldn't have to hide under the darkness of mystic nights,
    hoping the moonlight would lullaby my sadness away.
    Perhaps I should show them to universe,
    and proudly present them
    how beautiful the flaws of my past are.


    My dear ocean,

    as I sit down in front of you,
    I see the gigantic yellow ball starts to come down.
    I must say,
    I think it gets intrigued by your depth.
    It waves me farewell,
    but it doesn't leave me with sadness,
    strangely, its goodbye lets the sky turns into beauty of crimson,
    it tells me,
    there is a beauty in farewell.

    I look around,
    and let my eyes praise the beauty of shore,
    and I can't stop wondering too,
    of how many foot prints have stepped on it.
    So many stories and so many moments,
    that are swept away by the waves,
    taking them all inside the depth.

    As I sit down in front of you,
    I whisper my soul,
    to embrace the memory,
    to embrace the yesteryears,
    to embrace the farewell,
    to embrace them all which reside in deep down of my soul.

    In silence I listen to the sound of nature,
    in silence I see the power of universe,
    in silence I let myself see how beautiful it could be,
    when we let go and when we embrace."


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