• jeremiahjordan 26w

    All our lives

    I couldn't explain
    How it seems
    Far away in time
    From that day
    To understand
    No more blame
    Only what I see

    In our thoughts
    We think of
    The things we dream
    Only a simply want
    With a journey to tell our kids

    I was young then
    I learned to do without
    In my mind
    We was far away
    I was miserable
    Deprived of a place so wonderful
    Not a lot but all so beautiful

    A house away from hate and war
    The yard is big and large
    A different feeling to explore
    Both alike but real is unusual
    You're feeling safe when you indulge
    Life is not what it seems
    You're not the cannibal
    You're made out to be
    Its all a nightmare but never dreams

    At last my heart is burning
    You don't know what you made me feel
    To get the fire going
    All I pushed aside
    With a story or two
    Can I cross that line
    If my tears come through

    All our lives we couldn't agree
    that all came out to a end
    One big catastrophe

    If hate is all you could bring
    I don't love that way
    How could you not love
    All we gave

    In the hall
    There's boxes
    Full of stuff you used
    Full of memories
    I grew up to

    If I peek through the window
    And see you there
    You were smiling
    Did you ever think of me
    When he was smiling next to you