• yours_fortune 6w

    ______ ROHAN ______

    Rohan name means to ascend, active, effective and kind. Also the name of lord Vishnu. His lucky number is 11. Rohan he is an old rounder kind of person. They're crazy as hell. They love night rides, pranks and are great foody. Cuteness is what they're gifted with. They are in favorite list of everyone. Usually don't love to poke their nose in others matters or thing, but will always stood by you if he is been asked. Ambitious and dreamer, hardworker with full of dedication. Often get cheated by friends, but still they never loose their cute smile.

    R :- Respect ( Give and take kinda rule)
    O :- Optimistic with great heart
    H :- Helpful without questioning
    A :- Annoying sometimes
    N :- No to fake people

    Advice :- Rohan you know how to live a life to its fullest. Loved and adore by all the family people and good friends. Just be confident about yourself, you are much more productive then you think.