• thewordplayer 6w

    I killed a man

    I Killed a man today.
    I saw the fear in his eyes,
    the sweat on his body
    when my knife touched his flesh.
    I heard his aches
    when my knife tasted his blood.

    I felt his wound,
    I heard his screams
    I was watching him bleed, father
    I was watching him die,
    I was watching him escaping.

    I saw the evil in his eyes, I saw me.

    That was me father, the evil
    The red cape, the ghost.
    I feel fresh, I feel new
    I'm finally someone in this crowd now.
    I'm finally what the world wanted me to be,
    I'm humanity.

    I've got the pure spirit on my hands,
    The blood.
    I've torn apart humanity's biggest lie,
    The Gita, The Quran, The Bible.
    I'm strong, father
    I'm you.

    I killed a man today,
    right after he begged for his death,
    before the mirror.