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    //Smile Stupid//

    I know you’ve been through alot recently,
    you broke up with your boyfriend,
    stuck inside your house all alone,
    missing him and your friends badly.
    So, here’s something for you,
    from your stupid little friend,
    who cares a ton about your stupid ass.
    You’re an Arctic tern and not any regular bird,
    your wings are really beautiful and strong,
    capable of flying thousands of miles.
    So don’t let someone hold you back in cages,
    hurt you more than he already has.
    You deserve someone way better,
    someone who would run behind you,
    just to see you, take a snap of your wings,
    someone who values your dreams n likes,
    someone who chooses you over the world,
    not IPL or matches over you.
    Someone who wishes you to fly high,
    who loves you for your craziness,
    and embraces it to the fullest.
    I don't know who that is true,
    but I know he’s not the one in 7 billion for you.
    So smile my stupid friend, cheer up,
    don't let your tears water the wounds in your heart anymore,
    don’t let these wounds be scars in your little heart,
    don’t let these thoughts scare you n make you sad anymore.
    Even if the whole world drowns in darkness,
    unaware of the light you have within you,
    I’d be there with batteries to jump start you when you’re down,
    & if that’s less, I'll build a nuclear reactor for you,
    have a nuclear fission with atoms of wishes for you.
    I’ll fly to you as soon as I can if you want someone to hug,
    get you buckets of ice creams and chocolates,
    flavours you haven't even heard about,
    melt your sorrows and tears in chocolate forever.
    Till then, smile my cupcake, my dear stupid pal,
    stop feeling sad n left out,
    cuz you’re not alone n never would be.
    I’ll be there till the time ends**.

    **unless I do something really stupid and you end up actually hating me :P **


    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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