• midnightgriffon 10w

    Escaping the Darkness

    Sitting in the dark,

    Like a shield covering my heart,

    Wondering why I can't feel.

    No pain, no happiness, 

    A light is shining in the distance, 

    Like a star shining in the darkened sky. 

    It's too far away for me to reach it. 

    I can't stand being in the darkness any longer. 

    It's suffocating me, 

    I need to breathe. 

    I must try; I have to move toward it. 

    I need to move toward it, I need the light. 

    It's getting closer, it's getting brighter. 

    I felt the pain that has been inside for years. 

    I remember the happy times I had with my family, 

    Warmth, laughter, comfort, 


    I can almost see the entrance. 

    I'm crying the pain hurts so much, 

    Crying because I want blissful times again. 

    I need them. 

    Look, the light is right in front of me. 

    I can walk into it. 

    It's so pretty in here. 

    I wish I could stay here forever, 

    But the darkness is pulling me back toward it, 

    Like a vacuum that pulls in everything in its path. 

    I must fight it, 

    I like the light, 

    I need the light. 

    I will fight it!