• regardedwings37 31w

    The birds are singing.
    Dawn passes both of them by.
    The sun has fully risen so high in the sky.
    Her eyes then open and she rubs her eyes.
    She then remembers what lies at her side.
    Looking over,
    She reaches down.
    Her smile suddenly turns into a frown.
    For what was laying beside her that still had breath.
    Is now laying still with no life left.
    The poor creature,
    Who's fur red speckled gray from time.
    Reminders of fire and ash.
    She begins to sob until there's nothing left.
    She picks up the creature so small and light.
    Its fluffy tail swinging in the wind,
    While she moves the creature over ever so slight.
    Then she begins to dig a grave for the friend she only met last night.
    Less than an hour later her task is done.
    She lifts up the creature once again and carefully puts it in the grave.
    Its black mitten paws tucked under, She gave the creature it's last goodbye.
    "Farewell dear Fox, my only friend. I hope one day we'll meet again."
    She scatters the last bit of dirt onto the grave.
    Then she leaves the Fox who chose to stay.