• simranjachuck 5w

    Don't want to write about

    A magical feeling called love
    The selflessness attached with real love
    An artist being born out of pain
    Not the aftermath of loss
    How success comes after risking it all on a toss
    The beauty in death
    Ragging in the name of tradition
    Killing in the name of religion
    Marrying for security
    Giving birth in hope
    The evil in a serial killer
    The evil uncle sitting next to your sister
    Those on the street
    Those on their yachts
    Those at the border
    Those creating the borders
    The line between being free and being unruly
    Oh what a mess
    Messier than the flow of my thoughts

    What do I want to write about?
    I want to write about peace
    Yes peace
    How to live a life without hurting others
    Struggling through all the above
    And a whole lot more
    Discovering ourselves
    Every step of the way
    Wouldn't it be nice?
    Not to hurt anyone
    While figuring stuff out
    Oh what a wonderful world
    A world of peace
    A world eternal
    A world we can live in
    Yes live
    Not feel
    Like we die everyday