• sanjweli 5w

    To the dear one

    Let my dear one'
    Just tell me
    Why do you abide
    Let thy face imbibe
    Into my soul altogether
    Again with love beats heart
    It dance here again
    In search solitude you are there
    It's long journey within
    And deep sleep mere

    Days & night passed
    And it curbs your thoughts
    How I can bade farewell
    You my dear....my dear
    You are the one my dear
    Who lured me
    the meaning of life
    Alas! bare nothing
    dear here within
    I stood alone against horizon
    How burnt into ashes
    You lied there

    Let come dear and see
    How I am without you
    Let breathe come and out
    But how I can find
    my heart, my soul,my mate
    But you are there everywhere
    How I can miss your company
    Just step with me again dear
    I don't want my hands bare again

     Who are you?
    And why do you choose me
    As your companion
    And touched hearts without partility
    Though it were rich poor
    How is t possible to you
    I don't know it afterall
    Let appear here again
    No need to vanish again

    Let the air pass by
    Let sun rise & set
    Let The earth moves round the sun
    No one is going change anything
    Because it is trinitirian truth dear!
    But I need you tobe here
    With me my dear....with me my dear

    Begining & end I didn't believe anything
    There is no need of entry & exit
    Because we all & the World is mortal
    Let you come with God
    And just check it everything
    That is hell & heaven of mankind
    But you are there with me
    And my reverie Isn't fade

    Let the worthy state
    Of yours my dear it laid
    Being somewhere
    migt be in the earth
    might be in the sky
    Or might be in the Heaven
    I'm solitary here
    In this darkened world
     But without you
    I'm nothing my dear
    Let you start prologue
    from the place mere
    Where you might be

    Though you accompanied
    But it's another world
    Whicht might be apart & differ
    Whom do I longed for and for what
    Let be there firm
    And stable and you be must unique one
    Each seconds, minutes
    hours, days & nights
    Years, centuries remembered
    You my dear my worthy mate
    I'm here looking you
    In lightening, star
    And clouds altogether

    I miss you alot my dear
    And I didn't forget you at all
    But the place where I'm
    Asked me where you were
    Good bad & turns & retuns
    Which I knew forever
    Just because of you dear
    Let the piece of mind
    And solace be there with you,
    Though I'm not there
    pardon me for that my dear

    Your memories lied here everywhere
    It overwhelmed deep & deep
    It can't be vanquished ,
    But I'm with heavy steps here
    Alone walking longest journey
    Without you my dear
    Without you my dear
    And it is cursed
    Because you are not there with me
    Let the tears fell down
    And also parted with me
    I'm tthankful the feeling of sorrow
    Which beget into my eyes
    Again & again dear

    Let the world cease
    Forever & ever at last
    It just causes a sin
    It didn't meant anything for me
    Because you are not here with me
    But my dear your memories
    To be as it is remain ever & forever
    And it is resting in the mind of mine.