• nanditabhattacharjee 5w


    This world is suffocating, People here dies to earn a living.
    Turn around and see, how many are splitting apart;
    The number is countless, You'll get tired of filling your cart.
    Being pushed into a cage, her story is wholly torn;
    It's hard to find even a single page.
    Morons made her a victim,
    Society forced her to stay in dim.
    But she stood strong.
    And proved everyone wrong.
    She prays to get over things smoothly,
    It's hard when things arise so miserably.

    The society making this world a harsh place to live in. Blend in the stereotypes set by them, if you don't, if you raise your voice or just disobey the so called tradition the YOU become an object to them. This painting is just based on the harsh reality that the girl faces every now and then. This is what society makes us! They expect the girls to be SILENT, but how can a girl turn her face when she is being abused - physically, mentally, emotionally.
    Set her free coz she's a butterfly who gets beautiful in every stare.