• yuktisinha_ 47w

    Used to play Holi like hell
    Flourishing colors all over the face,
    Expert in hiding and coloring well
    Keeping alive the smile and grace.
    Boys were scared to get caught,
    She was a warrior who fought.
    Running with water gun loaded
    She rome around the territory
    To make everyone smile with colors,
    To make a new 'Holi story'.
    Famous she was, for having fun,
    Beautiful, used to be sundown.
    She used to wear new attires
    And go home to home just to get the blessings of elders.
    For eating lots of tasty stuff people used to offer,
    "Holi is a holy festival of respect, prosperity and emotional treasure".
    She enjoyed holi for at most five year,
    Until she got big enough and puberty hit her.
    Sitting inside home on such a precious day
    Feeling like a bird locked in a cage,
    Watching people play through the window
    She hold in, all the rage.
    Society was threatening her not to play 'Holi'
    After an age for girls it's not enough holy...