• fgashash 6w

    he has gone out to the world, and his loyalty and love have been diluted.. what happened to you ? she asks everyday.. #love #inspiration #life #thoughts

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    what happened to you?

    your hazy mind diffused
    to an infinity of chaos
    its irksome eruption
    blasted to a fierce diatribe

    bloody and black, painted your shirt
    with a touch of haughtiness.
    reeked a stench of pride,
    what has become of you?

    we used to sit in the balcony,
    gazing the mystery of the galaxy,
    yet knowing it was nothing like our love!
    nothing like it.

    your smile faded
    into the scorn of night,
    seizing your soul's ardent blitheness
    with a colossal stain.

    left a broken life,
    and questions returned by loud silence..
    what has become of you?
    what happened to you?