• mir_moin13 10w

    Pandamic: A Challenge To One And All

    It's a Challenge to you and me
    A challenge to friend and foe
    Whether they stay inside or let it go
    Whether they stay lively or just like a tree

    Numb are these days, worries and fret all around
    State of extreme debility sailing heavily in our mind
    Pandamic - One of greatest threat to the human kind
    Sadness and worries all around and our faces frowned

    Unwary are the brains, clueless the tribe
    Doctors jeopardized with their lives in their palms
    Rest of the people own no qualms
    Even in these tough times they just bribe

    Observe, how hard it turned out the test
    Leave not your place unless there is something important to be done
    Help the poor and needy.. trust me it's going to be fun
    So, give your best and leave the rest