• deva_isle 41w

    I'm tired of the life I live in your eyes
    I'm done with the love I give in your lies
    Perhaps there is a me that is as you perceive her to be
    I would summon her always if it didn't come at such a fee
    But one thing to keep in mind you see,
    I have never been bigger than as the shadows in the walkways of your heart
    I have never been prettier than as the sparks that linger in the depths of your soul's hearth
    You must someday try to glean
    that I only impress when I sing in your dreams
    In truth there is so much more to me than what I tell
    But never can I hold a flame to she that queens your Winterfell
    I am neither what you believe nor what you seek
    I am tired of reading the script of the meek
    Dispel the bliss that your soul outcries
    For I am tired of the life I live in your eyes