• thepoeticnewton 9w


    I guess there's that one point,
    A point where logic eludes us all,
    Where we revoke our reasoning,
    And tilt towards the tunes our heart plays,
    That is the juncture where our minds have no control,
    As our hearts take the front seat.

    That one point where all could seem so enjoyable,
    And then we wonder if we truly love,
    We ask questions of our feeble minds,
    And we desire answers from our volatile souls.
    But to all our questions, is sheer indecision,
    Until we finally decide to go all out.

    Till we desire to feel it and it be felt from us,
    Till we desire to give and be given unto,
    Till that moment we throw logic out,
    And decide to explore the strange lands of love,
    We accept that we are yet but tourists,
    But we desire the adventure, the ride, and the thrill it has to offer.

    But as sweet as it is, it has it's pungent side,
    Guess we all aren't fortunate to have it all sweet and rosy,
    Guess we all won't have the "happily ever after"
    But if there's one thing we are all proud of,
    It's that We did love,
    Even though we weren't all loved in return.

    ┬ęThe Poetic Newton.