• fearlessforever 5w

    No one ever bothers how you feel, how was your day, what are you going through. Everyone just loves playing either the victim card or the favourite blame game. No one ever calls or texts you to ask How are you, without any ulterior motives and still you manage to take out time for everyone and most of the time forget that there is an inner being inside you that too craves for some Me time and some space for it's ownself.
    So next time, when you don't feel like talking to anyone, don't pick that call (even if it's super important).
    If you feel like crying, go for it without second thought.
    If you feel like distancing yourself from the toxic people and the energy vampires, draw a line
    If amidst so much of chaos, you are desirous of finding your peace, Don't wait... Just go for it.

    This year 2020, brought forward a number of realisation, but the biggest one was BE YOUR OWN BEST COMPANION, so that no matter how many times people come and go from life, you always have your back.

    Be happy in real sense of the term.
    Let the bygones be bygones and embrace each new day with positivity, faith and belief towards the abundant universe.

    At the end, it is always between you and the universe and all else is just a part of journey, which you should be completely detached with.