• dattijo 10w

    Diam am
    Ive attributed our love with dozens of definitions and it outgrows em all....
    Babyna, i missed you more than the skies miss it's stars on cloudy nights..
    I fell into trenches of loneliness and the darkness of idleness ..
    All i was left with was a raging fuel of love, to have you back where you have always belonged, by my side All day and night..
    My soul was without its mate
    it craved for sights and sound from its ever present mate..
    i will cherish and appreciate your time and love in a million folds, for every split second with you diam am is beyond golden...
    Diam am, our love isn't a mere feeling anymore, it's our life in a nutshell.
    And for life to be sustained, nourishments must be obtained.

    welcome back, love of my live.