• sinethembalindiwe_ 5w

    All that Jazz

    Songs composed and forgotten,
    Melodies created and buried,
    Music never looked this charming.

    If another guitar or piano had to visit me once more
    I would be set free and remembered,
    I would jump and leap for joy.
    For I would've gotten a chance to fly,
    To dip my wings into the plentiful rewards of a labor of love

    Perfection once made my knees weak
    Now it's a dreaded memory lane visit
    For lyrics and verses were made for the outcasts
    Those who dream of 2 am rooftop conversations
    While the rain sings slowly down the windowpane

    So allow me to dance slowly and dreamy
    To move these hips and legs and all that
    Allow me to be moved by these emotions put into tune
    These love and hate stories put in a song
    Accompany me to a 3 or 4 or 6 minutes journey as I turn up the volume