• rebelpjones 5w

    When Souls Speak

    You know it's real
    when you can
    look her right in the eyes
    and tell her with
    all the passion inside
    what she means to you
    and then turn around
    and tell the world to,

    When you
    struggle together
    And together you
    dig your way out
    When you both grow
    and gain strength
    From the hell you
    both been through

    When your heart
    and soul
    bind as one
    And there's
    no power
    strong enough to
    break you,
    With a love like this
    You gain a strength
    to form
    a new world
    around you,

    When you find
    the perfect soul
    That means
    your miracle
    has found you,
    This is when you learn
    She gifts your life
    with miracles
    all around you.

    When each touch
    surges passionate
    energy and magic
    When passion, love
    and ecstacy
    are the only words
    humanly possible
    to describe you and me,

    When true language
    spoken by souls
    Explode uncontrolled
    Language unspoken
    Fore it's not humanly possible,
    It can only thought provoke,
    For more than an occurrence
    Or a hot clever approach.

    When what's tangible
    is only half of the gift
    The other half of the gift
    I have not yet discovered
    the words accurate or
    Closely descriptive or
    even explainable
    I'm not even sure
    those particular words
    will ever be humanly attainable.