• zimba00 6w

    Day 22.

    It's been one month at Amazon. And feels really awesome like it was on the first day.
    Each day has been new learning destination , new experience and exciting .

    Thank you amazon for this beautiful opportunity . ❤️

    And yes.
    Day went wonderful like always.
    Also the project thing was up on whatsapp and my friends were just celebrating in the group .
    They took a copy of the newspaper and cut that and like celebrating , showing that everywhere sharing links. . "See see akshi name is here , he is my friend "

    These things na the real sense of happyness or that brotherhood I swear you'll never get it .
    I'm blessed to have all my friends da. I just love them. .

    Varun was like. If we see ourselves as 3 idiots.
    Akshi is like Rancho .