• anweshachatterjee 23w


    Frustrated, I was. How could she slap me in front of that lady, who's only job was to discuss other's lives. I was furious, naturally.
    But I knew exactly what to do next. I grabbed
    The keys and stormed down the stairs. My car seemed to have been waiting for my arrival in that dark damp basement. I sat in and exclaimed let's escape! The music system was crying louder and louder as my car started conversing with the wind. Ultimate freedom it was. The highway was running with me. The concretes were soon a history. My birthday couldn't have been any better.
    Let the society tag me a rebel, nothing would bother me anymore. Every cell of mine was feeling the thrill. When every single thing seemed damn perfect, I felt a strong desire running down my body, to get out. I literally jumped of the car without a second thought. And without further thinking I made my way down the highway, into the woods.
    I was running towards something unknown.
    I was wondering why was I even doing so,
    But I couldn't stop. Internally something really very strong was forcing me to keep going. I ended up in front of a ghostly Mansion. Now that was the perfect plot for a horror story to begin. I turned behind just to realise that I had lost my way. I felt that things would next be just as they show in those horror movies followed by my mysterious death. I had been trapped I knew, so like an obedient victim, I went in the mansion gate, and rang the doorbell. The door opened up to my destruction with that typical ghostly sound. I stepped in and waited for the door to close just behind me. My expectations were fulfilled. But the things that followed seemed to be a part of a completely different story. The lights were lit suddenly and there they were. All my dear friends waiting with a cake. "Happy Birthday !!!" Surprised, was I, quite obviously. But then we ate, drank and danced. I did feel the need to ask how they planned everything, but something stopped me everytime I tried. Then I came out of that place, as they stayed back to pack up. But surprisingly I knew my way out this time. I found my car as I left it. I drove back home.

    Back at home, I found everybody again with that same cake waiting to give me a surprise!