• peanutbutterfish 5w

    Ive got a new complaint

    It makes my stomach crawl, hated you more than any love we saw. Gave you power over me like your some special like the light, cut the wires now i smile when the dark seems so bright.
    Im not scared of the bumps in the night I've made good friends and those demons they stand by my side...
    They're bleeding and burning they're horns are just now growing, theyre coming for you, to reciprocate back the hell you put us through.
    Is it all just for games to snatch our souls and keep them in a box, do you ever open it up and just stare at all you've caught.
    The sick rage in my stomach tenses up my face, i can't help but shake my head disgusted thinking of your taste.your smile is so evil, it seems so sweet and pure thats how you lured us to follow you feining for some more.
    Now you have us all like puppets eating off your feet, but little did you know you're the one now decieved.