• penlord 6w


    PENLORD: They say I'm so stubborn as a goat,
    wanting to tour the ends of my dreams like a ghost.
    ANIKEBELOVED: I am resilient.
    In my build-up, rest which ought to be learned has been lent.
    I prefer to get hit until I get it- to pay the price until I get the prize.
    PENLORD: Well, I'm going to jump over hurdles and fly without wings. Even though, I might fall through without cuddles and to the grave.
    I'll still go for what I love!
    ANIKEBELOVED: I hear them mocking me, But I have looked and I am so sure I can leap.
    They said I can't leap because I will slip.
    With their mouths will they shout greatest of all time when eventually I get over all tribulations.
    PENLORD: But if I eventually fall to my doom and my curiosities kill me, I'll be glad I followed my heart to the tomb.
    ANIKEBELOVED:: Curiosity kills the curious goat.
    Ayee! I will be willing to see my savior, Till then, I shall savor everything curiosity brings my way.