• kingpellz 5w

    The Funeral of Religion

    I. At Birth
    Religion was a worship,
    Brought to unify races,
    But humans turned it into a warship,
    Built to dignify race.

    II. It's Growth
    It grew through its spread,
    Taken around the world to dominate people.
    Now news of its deeds has spread,
    The idea of what it does is now clear to people.

    III. It's Death
    Now people castigate it and put it to death,
    But then, Africans took the carcass and used it for business.
    People praised it and put themselves in debt.
    They thought they worshipped not knowing they were financing someone's business.

    IV. The Funeral
    Disunity was caused by the Worship of Religion,
    Now all we do is the Funeral of Religion