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    I'm on the terrace at 1 in the morning. It's chilling cold here, and I kinda of miss the old homely vibe. It disappeared after the first month I left. Listening to the old playlist I get a melancholic wave of emotions. It's bittersweet what music does to you. It reminds you of the sweetest memories with the most bitter realisations. You can't relive the past, but can certainly drown in it. The skies are not starry, but bright still. There's a certain wind to the clouds that drives them. The chilly wind makes my fingertips numb.

    *If there was only someone to hold on tight*

    I wish I had a cigarette or a joint, but then again I get high on flashbacks and broken emotions. Who needs another addiction ?

    It's a full moon, i just noticed. The Christmas tree still sparkles. Carols echoing in my mind, a grin takes over my face.

    "Angels we have heard on high,
    Sweetly singing o'er the plain"

    It's a good feeling.
    To be comfortable in the silences when it's so quiet.
    To be able to face yourself when you're the worst version of you. The true self.

    I admire the nightsky and walk away with all that's left in my mind.

    The graves of the bittersweet memories and a smile on my face.

    *Extracts from a dairy that will never exist*

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