• dauntlesssoul 6w

    Yes or No

    Hackneyed are the feelings & inexpressive is the emotion both on a tie
    Is it a setback just like a gloom or the tune of chime?

    Rain is due, sunlight has already hit,
    Cease the trigger, should I cover the trails or let it be visible that I'm already half in the pit?

    There might arise a conjecture of what all this is about ,is it something big or small?
    It's not a puzzle or a labyrinth it's just a description of me warts and all

    Sluggish are the stars, sloppy is the moon I always said
    Everyone said they are my companions ,but will they always be for my aid?

    I will shut the door for stars,also the moon
    It's just a test if they hold up for me or give up too soon?

    Let everything come in, the feelings,emotions,moon,stars after you testify
    But what you now have is all that which you did verify?

    Hold that thought for a sec, say it in the tone
    Will you be the seeker , also the bearer on your own ?