• ashart 10w

    ‍‍Create a circle of good friends

     Lifetime friendships enrich your life. Friendships add texture to your connection with the world because you're sharing experiences, reliving good moments, making bonds with people upon who you can rely.

    Make a list of people in your life who you feel close to. Invite them to your home for dinner or tea or to watch a movie. Your home environment allows for less self-conscious conversation.

    Volunteer for a project or group for which you have conviction. Strong friendships are more easily made when you work together on areas of mutual concern and interest.

    Use your current contacts to make friends. If there are people who you've met briefly through friends and liked, try getting in touch with them through your mutual friend.

    Join a book reading circle. These circles usually meet regularly. Many of them last for years. Lifetime friendships are formed over a shared interest.