• ormandiaz94 10w

    Behind All, A Peculiar Shadow and You Show Yourself So.

    As destiny fact at long we were too close,

    Dreaming about you as puzzle's pieces to get to solve,

    Brick by brick to join it together by my own,

    We were lovers by remote time at all,

    Passion over all that we know,

    Desires above,

    Looking for how to meet you anyway,

    By freeways I want to know,

    Everything under by my heart,

    That was such long to understand,

    That was hard to find at last,

    All belongs in same point as I start,

    A lovely story of both lovers since I was born,

    The matter of all is just my road was totally written for God,

    You were always in the middle of road,

    Looking for you till the end of the dark world,

    Even to fall at some in dark I will do,

    Risking part of my entirely life without to know if you still feel in love.