• snehakarkun 6w

    I recently lost my father.i never imagined this will happen so soon.
    He was way fit and healthy.He was working for a social cause in this covid pandemic.
    He was infected and we lost him.

    This was so sudden.This was not the way it was supposed to be.
    But we can't control death.weeping on his death for a month,I realised he was a fighter.He fought against death till last breathe.
    He won't ever come back but we will stand back smiling together for him.
    Things will fall in place.
    I have faith.

    -sneha karkun

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    Things just end abruptly.You keep griefing on this.

    Time will pass.You will heal.

    It slips of your mind.You cherish new beginnings.

    This will end again.You will be downcast.

    Latch on this circle of Life.
    What comes will go and what goes will come back.

    Have faith.