• fadedautumns 22w


    You had once asked me
    What my favorite colour was

    I had looked into your eyes
    And said blue

    Sky blue or ocean blue?
    You asked, smiling
    Ocean, I said.

    Since then, we had filled
    Every inch
    Of our bedroom shelf
    With everything blue

    The first;
    A cheap coffee cup
    You had sneaked
    From our favorite haunt

    Then; a scented candle
    I never used-
    Because around it you had hung
    A white heart on blue tape
    With our names scrawled underneath

    Next; some books
    You gifted me
    For my twenty fifth birthday;
    They all have faded blue covers

    And some seashells
    We once collected
    From a nearby beach

    I still remember
    How upset you were
    When a few spilled out of your pockets
    And how I had laughed
    When you kissed me afterwards

    Now as I fall asleep
    With no one by my side
    I realise that not a single blue
    Could match
    The ocean in your eyes

    As I fall asleep
    Among these little things we shared
    I can only hope
    That among them, in my dreams
    I will finally find
    My way back to you


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    I hope, hope you don't see me when I go out
    I don't think you'd approve
    Of who I am right now
    I'm not who I used to be
    That's the truth, baby, truthfully

    Every single day, Felix Sandman