• thelostsoul_writes 13w

    Father's Love

    His love is not expressed
    All the words that aren’t said
    But there are ways so many
    Unlike a mother
    Father doesn’t hug so much
    Still he carries an ocean of love
    He just doesn’t know
    How to tell it all
    He is not there when you look around
    And he surely doesn’t wipe up the tears
    But he is the wall
    He makes sure you stay tall
    He doesn’t let you know
    But he is always there to catch
    In case you fall
    And he let you never
    He teaches you to rise,
    and as mothers
    Fathers are affectionate as well
    His love is as boundless as hers
    And as immense
    Sometimes more
    Only if he knew how to convey
    But you don’t need words to know
    If you see in the depth of his eyes
    He carries colossal of love
    He just doesn’t know
    His love is silent
    But there are ways so many
    Mother is the sky of our life
    Father is the solid ground
    We sustain on
    So what if he doesn’t say it much
    He loves from all of his heart
    And so much more
    His love is enormous
    Yes, he doesn’t know
    The ways to communicate
    But don't we know
    Father’s love is as such.