• deva_isle 6w

    Angry Activist?

    The people who make the noise
    The ones who dive head-first into the chaotic oppression
    Activists they are, the ones who proclaim our collective anguish
    We say they are angry.

    Angry activists, oh how I wonder at that term
    I wonder; was it joy that bolstered the bus boycott by Rosa Parks?
    Was it out of gleeful excitement that Tubman's Underground Railroad was birthed?
    Did Pankhurst win the women's right to franchise over tea with the opposition?

    Oh tell me, Arthur Baldwin must not have been bursting with happy energy to have penned Beale Street
    And Gandhi, kind soul he was...
    I wonder how much delight must have pressed his movements?
    Martin King's 'I have a dream' did not indeed speak of so much pleasure or content.