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    PS : I think this poem is better being half written. Idk, but it looks incomplete to me but on other hand it is perfectly imperfect !

    PPS : 'Alag Aasmaan' is the fifth single's song by Anuj Jain. And all his songs are my all time favourite music. You can check it out from this link : https://youtu.be/vA86QFrXoho .

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    What If

    What if,
    If I actually decided to forget you.
    What if, I forgot you totally.

    What if,
    If I decided to parted off for forever.
    What if, I parted off.

    What if,
    If I neglected all the promises we have made.
    What if, I overlooked them completely.

    What if,
    If I ignored the voices of the words,
    the poems which I have written for you.
    What if, those words don't haunt me.

    What if,
    If I didn't listen to my innerself,
    Ignoring the rays of hope coming within myself.
    What if, I totally dumped that hope.

    What if,
    If the "Alag Aasmaan" don't push me to apologise for my fault.
    And not signifies the beauty of friendship.
    What if, I didn't listen to that song.

    What if,
    If you never forgive me for my words.
    What if, you forgot me in all these process.

    What if,
    If we will never meet in future.
    What if, we had not met each other in life.