• oorjanidhi 10w

    Hey! I love you!
    eh! I love you too
    This half a line conversation got me thinking
    The reverential distance
    A peaceful part of our lives
    As you revel in your space
    As I in my confined universe find solace
    Yes! I do sometimes miss that 20 sec occassional hug
    The touch of divine ecstasy on my forehead
    When did we graduate to being soul mates
    As we stopped worshipping the bodily temple
    To feel the inner bliss
    The potency of your smile
    The celestial touch of your eyes
    The quietitude of inner turmoil
    The calmness of your rippling silence
    An unequivocal conviction
    Unfathomed peace
    Falling from the stars to unite with the Divine
    To loose oneself
    To dedicate in all fidelity❤️