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    Is this statement justified ?

    "जूर्म करने वाले से ज्यादा जूर्म सेहने वाला दोषी होता है "

    "Victims are greater sinner than the culprits"

    It's us who are failing to build a healthy sensible environment around us ,
    Not giving a hear to their cries.When we will stop seeing the victim as a human and not as venom........ analysing others situation on your own you just pass a judgement but do you actually feel the pain , helplessness , negligence they do.

    Yes , we can't share the pain but can we just give a smile and not ghastly look.

    It's the society who have turned the victims dumb.
    Instead of deepening the wounds , heal them.

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    Treating victims as weeds ,
    How long an innocent will cry in need.