• heranaaz 51w


    You're Ashamed.
    You think its something
    to be rectified

    Do you not know how beautiful you sound
    speaking from your roots?

    The way syllables
    tumble and twist out of your mouth
    Isn't it the way
    you call out to your loved ones?

    It has been ingrained in your core
    since your vocal cords
    learned to chime
    It's the pretty hum of Urdu in every pause
    and a pinch of Hindi at every exclamation.

    The soft lead of my mother tongue
    in every language of speech I choose
    is nothing short of an accomplishment.

    The rawness of my native language
    decorating every other language
    with my dialect,
    when I speak
    is an honour
    I'm proud of it.

    You should be too.