• ashaet 88w


    The sun began to set
    Streets filled with a reddish hue
    My heart raced
    Though bliss surrounded me
    with scent of street food
    all around

    One by one, my friends
    began to vanish
    A knife was plunged through
    Ashley's throat, pieces
    of shell that protected her;
    Fell to the soil, to decay
    and to nurture the earth.

    Onions, chillies and spices
    were mixed together
    everything left of her
    lost its sheen and beauty
    There she goes
    Into the pan; I hope
    she remembers me
    In heaven.

    My chain of thoughts
    were broken
    When three young lads
    came by, wicked eyes
    nd wretched laugh.
    I looked to the left
    there was no egg left
    I knew this could be my end.

    Heaven would be peaceful
    but life had its meaning
    Even fear seemed right
    it was a feeling,
    different from all.

    Life didn't seem so bad
    A day more could be pointless, but my heart
    craved for more.
    So I said a small prayer
    'O mighty creator'
    Give me a day more
    so I can see
    what I never saw
    Listen a bit more
    learn something new
    To be nice to the ones
    I love, before I be
    a memory.

    I looked into their souls
    I cried out to them
    choose anything but,
    an omelette.
    They seem to have heard.
    But one pretty young gal
    stared into my soul.
    The rays of the setting sun
    stroke her wavy hair,
    her eyes sparkled
    full of life.

    Her sweet lips whispered
    softly, as she pointed at me.
    Sometimes it's nobodys fault
    No one to blame.
    But your own fate.