• darkness_within 10w

    Should Have Noticed

    The first "hello"
    Was known to be "goodbye"
    I knew deep down
    This would be over by sunrise
    I was wrong to judge the sunlight
    Cause it happened under the moonlight
    You tried to take the light from the dark
    But you did not win
    I may be sad
    My tears lasted a day
    But I did not grow attach
    Cause I knew you were a cloud
    You attempted to cover and claim me
    But I blew you away
    You continued to float back
    But I never showed you my stars
    It wasn't until my stars started to dim
    Is when you floated away
    You saw not enough light
    And that changed your perception
    My stars are my light
    Because I am darkness
    If you could not have seen that
    Within the sky
    Then my dear,
    I believe you may be blind