• sanjweli 5w

    III.To the dear one

    The cessation carved & it lies there
    And dew drops dance its footsteps on it,
    The buds sprout near the engraved tombs,
    Alas! the obituary was written at once there,

    Let the phoenix of mine you come again
    And with the flight see open sky is waiting
    For the world it's revered magic is thine
    And above the mountains we ready to go again,

    The golden days which I kept for forever
    I'm not afraid at all though the dooms day arose,
    Let thy hands kept into the hands of mine
    Though we both parted without any reason

    And everyting changed likewise just see dear
    I'm with you behold with bulging eyes
    And drops of melancholy come again
    Let just we both together be remain here