• ayushsangwan 9w

    i see my cousin sitting with its feet dangling
    upon the narrow railings. the fear in
    his breaths, the darkness in his nonchalant
    face before he was going to jump replay
    in my mind. his voice rings in my ears. i see him falling and then depression leaving his head in red hues

    these four walls have done much damage
    to me than anything else. these constant
    whisperings in the mind do the most bloodshed. it would never hurt me, but it would always walk with me, death. its skinless face would look in my eyes, would amuse me a little and then ask for a dance.
    i at last refused it and moved on.
    the sky became blue and a pinch of blue is always better than a moonless midnight.

    how do i decipher a smile? the reasons
    it has only the one wearing knows. i can just not mistake it for happiness. none knows if there's a garden or grave beneath. think before you tread on one, it might break into a frown or into something which can't be broken any further

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