• lost_forever 23w

    For the first time I’m posting a work which is not mine.
    The person behind these words is someone really close to my heart, and when he showed me this I instantly knew it wasn’t supposed to be hidden.
    So for him, I am posting this.

    I hope everyone gets a glimpse of the emotions like I did.
    Much love ♥️.

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    A tsunami of unadulterated feelings,
    Rolling like the deepest of thunders
    The heart roars in agony;
    Reminiscing the romance once cherished.

    Nothing set in stone, nothing for sure,
    With the exception of death and taxes and there is no cure.
    The innocent heart bleeds, eyes leak,
    Lips quiver and memories speak.

    Of all the things that causes pain,
    Nothing extends beyond the realm of unrequited love.
    A wounded heart is hard to heal,
    But only then you realise, what is fake and what is real.

    — by someone close to my heart