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    We all write so much about heartbreaks and I am no exception to it, focusing on the bad part some how anchors us but we should never forget the good that we felt. Destinations, conclusions they are never as important as the journey.
    Once in a while we should just sit and be greatful for what we once had. Be happy that we were part of something which is the subject of majority of stories.
    And just smile for the beauty of it. @an_uncontrived_story @writersnetwork @lovenotes_from_carolyn

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    Deep within my soul is a secret place,
    Which has you, just you in it.
    Every nook and corner has a story to tell,
    Untainted and innocent, the happy memories.
    The sound of your laughter filling the air,
    the shade of your eyes as they beheld mine.
    You remember the day you chose cricket over me?
    I have that match tucked away safely.
    The way you lit up when I surprised you with your favourite food,
    The mornings you woke me up and nights we fell asleep with the phone,
    The rainy days, the ice-cream and the flu that followed,
    The rickshaw ride with unsaid conversations,
    Late night strolls and your notorious taunts,
    I have each day with you engraved in me.
    The stairs you kissed me on for the first time,
    The canteen where we were introduced.
    That lamppost below which we sat together.
    The book about which we talked that first day.
    Places, nights, movies, moments.
    An age less vault of magic for poets to write.
    There is no 'Us' today, maybe there never was,
    And yet I am grateful to whatever stars that made our paths cross.
    For I experienced love so beautiful,
    It had filled me, forged me a new.
    I would never undo, no, not you.
    As much as I may cuss you, there is no denying this,
    I would always choose heart break and pain,
    Over the thought of never meeting you.