• queen_f_loyalty 7w

    I was cleaning all the veggies nd placing them in fridge nd just my mind hit an idea of penning down this shit. So, hope you will like it.

    Your the sunshine, your the moonshine, your the only shine of my love..

    Your existence has made my soul to enlighten with different faces
    The way you express your love nd feelings make my heart to beat faster
    The day you proposed me was one of the best moment happened in my life

    I want to make you feel better nd warm by staying beside you forever
    Everytime my eyes met yours I once again deeply fall in love with your soul
    A single nd comment sent by you will be written in my sweetest diary

    Your the sunshine, your the moonshine, your the shine of my love..

    I want to fulfill all of my dreams along with you because your my greatest supporter
    I completely need you in every step of my life just because as your my shadow
    The only moment I'm waiting for is to meet you in personal nd slap you hardly

    We both need to gaze at the mirk nd count on the stars so that we can share thel equally
    Take pillows nd beat you softly till you stop cuddling me on the bed
    Finally hug, nd kiss you on forehead by closing my eyes in caligo

    Your the sunshine, your the moonshine, your the shine of my love..

    I want to listen my name in every single beat of your heart
    When I suffer from clinomania I want you to wake me up by giving hot tasty coffee
    Your the only one true sarang who can completely understand me

    If I'm in vad I need you to become a ludic and make me laugh like monkey
    At times in situations of whiffler I need you to guide me the right path
    In winter season I want to hug you and feel the warmth of sun

    Your the sunshine, your the moonshine, your the shine of my love..

    When I'm in lypophrenia situation then you have to remind all the wonderful moments
    You must be complete prate and irritate me tons, millions
    I want you to feel kilig as you see me in black saree with high pony

    Infront of my family members I love to make you myötähäpeä
    No matter what we should always be echt to each other
    I want us to get the feel of skinny love even after married
    And at times you have to fight with me badly nd say I'm the real champion

    Your the sunshine, your the moonshine, your the shine of my love..

    Meanings :

    Gaze : Stare
    Caligo : Darkness
    Clinomania : Excessive desire to stay in bed.
    Sarang : The feeling of wanting to be with someone till death.
    Vad : Wild, Uncontrolled.
    Ludic : Full of fun nd high spirits.
    Whiffler : A person who frequently shifts opinions, attitudes, interests etc.
    Lyppophrenia : A vague feeling of sadness seemingly without any cause.
    Prate : To talk excessively nd pointlessly.
    Kilig : The rush or the inexplicable joy one feels after seeing or experiencing something romantic.
    Myötähäpeä : The feeling of shame you experience on behalf of another person.
    Skinny love : When 2 people love eachother but are too shy to admit it, yet they show it anyway.

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