• marceltekwa 9w


    I feel my heart swell
    As I walk up to the old school well
    The soles of my feet kissing the ground
    I wish I could turn the days back around
    I feel the warm wind on my face
    I remember the challenges I had to faze

    This old school was my refuge
    Not that I was a refugee
    But how can I refuse
    That these teachers were my referees

    I slip in and watch old Mr Albert
    He always called me Robert
    After the son he said he loved
    His left hand still forever gloved
    For those fingers he'd lost
    One cold winter in the frost

    He thought me chivalry
    He said "there's no honor in bribery
    Always stand for truth and liberty
    Never sacrifice virtue for property"
    And so does he live his life
    He and his most lovely wife

    I see the fair girl Jaustin
    Oh how she loved Jane Austen
    She wanted to meet her Mr Darcy
    Though she never attended any party
    Now she stays back in school
    Teaching the kids "literature is cool"

    I move to the dormitory
    Then to the large refectory
    These places bring back memories
    Memories which unlock happy melodies
    And I feel my hand itching to capture
    For that gladness my brain can still picture